Great stories
well told

MadCall is a visual communication partner that can deliver strategic thinking and creative development as well as efficient, full-service film production – either all together or partly.

As part of large film production house, MadCall can operate agile, swiftly and flexible to take on any challenge – no matter the deadline, budget or complexity. Aka we’ll take any “mad call”.

To make your story become more engaging, MadCall can team you up with film directors, strategic marketing specialists or/and creative concepts developers.

Above all, MadCall’s focus is value-for-money, close cooperation and integrity to ensure, that you will always be rewarded with breath-taking, visual communication.


Ideally, MadCall can help you each step of the way to make your stories become more engaging:

  • Strategic planning – We can create a team of marketing specialists to develop strategic planning and develop communication plan to meet your objectives
  • Creative development – With our network of creative specialists, we can offer a team to help develop concepts for more engaging storytelling
  • Film production – Our producer can assemble crew of director and production team to produce visual the communication and content
  • Post-production – Our in-house team of editors can ensure a high quality finish for your visual content
  • Exposure – Our strategic partners in media and distribution can help spread the content to your audiences, online across all known platforms

As always with MadCall, it’s your call when, how and to what extend you like us to help you.


As the saying goes: There is no substitute for experience.

MadCall has envisioned and produced visual content for corporate communication, internal messaging, employer branding, reputation management, product marketing, CSR, public affairs and more – both small, low-key executions and high-end, complex productions.

Have a look for yourself. Or give us a call to learn more.


Great stories well told

“Madcall ~ we take any mad call aka challenge – no matter the deadline, budget or complexity”

Jesper Levy
Business Director
Hauser Plads 10, 3rd Floor
DK 1127 – Copenhagen K
+45 21 23 21 73

Stig Tim Lauritzen
Creative Producer
Hauser Plads 10, 3rd Floor
DK 1127 – Copenhagen K
+45 26 37 65 91